Interview & Message

I n t e r v i e w

1.When did you start production? What made you start?

I think I started around the second half of my third year of college. I was enrolled in an art university, but I didn't make any works just by playing with my friends, and there was nothing that could be put on my job hunting portfolio, so I was impatient and collaged. It was the reason for my current activity that I started to make. It wasn't until I became a member of society that I got serious about it.

2.Please let me know if you have been influenced by anything in the past

A band called THE NOVEMBERS and tobird who works on the artwork of that band. I was shocked to see that the music and artwork were put together as a perfect piece. I also like Tetsuya Ishida and Toshiko Okanoue and have a collection of works.

3.Please tell me the flow until you complete the work

Develop a concept and prepare materials. After that, I will create a work in Photoshop. When working, we will conduct hearings and meetings before entering the above process to produce.

4.Is there anything you like or are enthusiastic about other than creating your work?

Games, camping, listening to music, watching martial arts, watching F1 games, laughing ...
...I have many hobbies. Lol

5.Do you have any thoughts or stories in this work?

As it is a golden country Zipang, we packed "Japanese" and "Japan" that everyone can easily imagine. Every time I see it, I make it so that I can discover something new, and I am particular about every corner of it.

6.Is there anything you would like to try in the future?

There are so many, but
・ I want to publish a book.
・ I want to get involved in more music work.
・ I want to do work that I like and have never been involved in, such as martial arts, laughter, and motor sports.
・ The work of binding novels
・ Video production
There is no end to it, but I will continue to challenge and execute it.

7.Please give a message to the person who received your work at the end

I am very happy to receive it. Although it is not well known yet, we will continue to devote ourselves to making people think "I'm glad I bought it" so that I can increase the value of my work as much as possible.