Interview & Message

I n t e r v i e w

1.When did you start production? What made you start?

I started drawing illustrations for the first time in February 2019. My roots were that I wanted to draw a world like this when I saw the background of the game I was playing at that time.

2.Please let me know if you have been influenced by anything in the past

It's the same as when I started making illustrations, but one thing was that mocha was in charge of the background of the game I was playing. Also, it may be one that my aunt was a painter and the work was often displayed in the room.

3.Please tell me the flow until you complete the work

I will create a rough by adding my favorite motifs from the scenery that I saw. From there, I will squeeze the colors and details into the landscape that I imagined.

4.Is there anything you like or are enthusiastic about other than creating your work?

It's astronomical observation and reading.

5.Do you have any thoughts or stories in this work?

This time, the theme was an image of a golden country, so I thought of Kinkakuji from golden, and from there I decided to set the stage to a Japanese country. It's not fun just because the building is shining, so it's something that symbolizes Japanese ... I made it with the motif of golden cherry blossoms that only bloom in some areas at a certain time, reminiscent of cherry blossoms.

6.Is there anything you would like to try in the future?

For next year (future), I would like to convey the story (world view) by adding not only the background but also the person (character).