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ZPNG has started activities to discover and support artists, illustrators, creators, etc. so that they can enter the Cardano market as NFT artists.

Through this activity, we will contribute to the development of "Japanese artists" and "Cardano NFT market". We hope to create a future that goes beyond OpenSea and Mintbase.

Therefore, we have planned a plan to distribute NFT benefits only to the delegators, with the gratitude of the ZPNG delegators on a daily basis.

This project continues until the 1-3rd term. This time, 15 artists who are active in Japan created digital art.

Most of the artists are the first CNFT works. It will be valuable, so please check how to participate and receive NFT benefits.

A r t i s t



Started creative activities using the collage method from the end of 2011. Received the CSG Award in the postcard contest sponsored by Rough Stone in 2013. The following year, in 2014, he held a solo exhibition at Omotesando. After that, KUNSTKAMMER sponsored a smartphone wallpaper illustration award 2018 special award. He has received awards such as winning the National Postcard Design Award sponsored by Nika Osaka in 2020. In addition, it is ranked first in the weekly DL ranking on the smartphone dress-up site. Village Vanguard Online starts handling goods. In addition, he is widely active in charge of artwork and design for idols and musicians.

Harukaze Shuichi


An illustrator who is good at fantasy works, focusing on line drawing illustrations with mechanical pencils. The mysterious creatures and buildings of another world make you feel like you are actually traveling in another world. In particular, his past works depicting dragon and whale airships are magnificent views of the world, so please check it out. And also produces craft art such as pop-up cards, box art and flipbooks, and has exhibited at numerous exhibitions. A versatile illustrator who is expected to play an active role in the future.

Mizuki Hoshino


An illustrator who specializes in 3D and landscapes. His past works depicting starry sky and falling cherry blossoms are so beautiful that you can forget the time and look at them. The moon and stars, sunrises and sunsets, gradations and shadows, reflections of water, etc are wonderful, and also you can feel like you are dreaming a fantastic and comfortable dream. He is an illustrator currently active in producing backgrounds for games / MV / VTuber, paperback covers, illustrations, and CD jackets.

Kei Enomoto


Japanese x Taiwanese half illustrator and manga artist. The style that incorporates Ukiyo-e and pop is unparalleled. It proves a high sense and technical ability. His cartoon works have been read in "JUMP ROOKIE!" and "ART street" etc. And also he has won awards in numerous contests. He has improved his talent as both an illustrator and a manga artist, and he is expected to play an active role in the future.



He experienced unemployment due to the betrayal of his fellow gambling addicts, and later turned into a painter. His work, which incorporates elements of subculture and street, has both POP and DOPE. While producing apparel and canvas art, he exhibited at "NURANURA Exhibition 2021". Currently, he is an artist who is attracting attention from celebrities, such as producing album artwork for musicians and receiving orders from K-1 super lightweight champions, Tokyo Paralympic medalist, etc.


P e r k s


Harukaze Shuichi

Mizuki Hoshino

Kei Enomoto


H o w T o G e t

NFT perks distribution

NFT perks will be distributed on the NFT issuing platform "PoolPerks.io" for SPO by Andrew Westberg (BCSH / CNCLI developer).

When you send 3ADA, "NFT privilege + 1.5ADA" will be sent back. * 1.5 ADA will be consumed (Click here if you want to know more)

You can only receive NFT perks once per epoch. One will be issued at random based on the probability set from the five types.

▼Event dates
1st period(completed)
2nd period(e304-309)
3rd period(undecided)

▼Receiving period simplified chart| 2nd period(e304-309)


Participation conditions

  1. 1ADA or more, delegated to ZPNG1
  2. Since before 4 epochs, at least 2 epochs have been delegated to ZPNG1
  3. Your wallet has a balance of 3ADA + remittance fee

Receiving method

  1. Access「PoolPerks.io」and click "Get Perk!" From the TOP page.
  2. Enter the wallet address you are delegating to ZPNG1 and click Submit. *Receiving address (e.g. addr1...)
  3. Send 3ADA from the delegating wallet to the ADA address displayed on the screen.
  4. After a few minutes of sending, confirm that you have received 1.5 ADA.
  5. Paste the delegating wallet address into「pool.pm」's search window.
  6. Confirm that you have received a NFT perk.


The "ownership" of the NFT perks you receive will be transferred to you. Therefore, it can be used personally, at home, or within a limited range equivalent to this. In other words, it's okay to list the NFT perks you receive on CNFT.io or Tokhun.io, give them as gifts to your friends, or print them out on your home printer and decorate your room. However, it cannot be used for acts that damage the artist's honor, for commercial use, or even for free, for anyone other than the owner. Normally, the "copyright" of the work is the artist, but for this work, the "copyright" is transferred to ZPNG with the consent of the artist. We ask for your understanding of the above, and for your cooperation in contributing to the "Japanese artists" and the "Cardano NFT market" and for continuing this project in the future.

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