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ZPNG has started activities to discover and support artists, illustrators, creators, etc. so that they can enter the Cardano market as NFT artists.

Through this activity, we will contribute to the development of "Japanese artists" and "Cardano NFT market". We hope to create a future that goes beyond OpenSea and Mintbase.

Therefore, we have planned a plan to distribute NFT benefits only to the delegators, with the gratitude of the ZPNG delegators on a daily basis.

This project continues until the 1-3rd term. This time, 15 artists who are active in Japan created digital art.

Most of the artists are the first CNFT works. It will be valuable, so please check how to participate and receive NFT benefits.

A r t i s t

Iori Kikuchi


Born in Tokyo in 1998, Iori Kikuchi is a Japanese artist: a painter and an illustrator. She studied at Purchase College, The State University of New York, and is graduating from Tyler School of Art, Temple University in 2020. Iori was selected as one of the 100 best illustrators for an exhibition held at Gallery ROCKET in Omotesando while winning the grand-prix of “TURNER AWARD 2018” in 2018. It is love, dreams and hope that inspires her to work. Some of her work as a professional artist include being in charge of official goods design for the Japanese singer songwriter Anna Takeuchi, as well as working as an assistant of designer Ian Lynam. Also her illustrations are used in fashion magazines (Ex: GINGER and VERY ). In 2021, she joined to the wall art project at KITTE MARUNOUCHI (near Tokyo station, Japan). She works across different media from traditional to digital while her main practice sits around the idea of painting.

Rindo Karasuba


Started 2D illustrator activities from 2019. He mainly draws illustrations and designs for humans or creatures close to humans, and is particularly good at Japanese-style fantasy illustrations. In the 2019 pixiv official illustration contest "Fate / Grand Order Illustration Contest 3", "Thirty-six Views of Tomitake" won the pixiv award and won multiple contests. He is active in major game companies and publishers such as KADOKAWA, SEGA, and the illustration manager of "Samurai Warriors 5" by Koei Tecmo Games, which is famous for the Shin Sangoku Musou series. He has worked on many works such as novel design, cover illustrations, illustrations, character design, key visuals, card illustrations, and MV illustrations. The high quality drawing of his Japanese-style fantasy works attracts many fans.



An illustrator who is active as an artist not only in Japan but also overseas. In 2021, collaborated with backpack brand Gaston Luga based in Stockholm, Sweden, which is a popular brand with 320,000 followers. He has collaborated with many other companies and artists, and is also in charge of CD jackets for singer-songwriters. He is also in charge of collaborative T-shirts and product design with apparel brands and artists. His work, which is characterized by his unique style of painting, is highly evaluated from all over the world and has many overseas fans. His pop, detailed and bold style is characteristic, and his works that are easy to catch the eye are gaining popularity. An illustrator who is expected to continue collaborating with many companies and artists and will lead Japan in the near future.



An illustrator who draws original character creations and character drawings. Started activities on Twitter and pixiv from 2019. He has done a lot of character design, and his style ranges from Japanese style design to fantasy work and everyday work, and the background and accessories drawn in detail with animals and details are one of the factors that attract fans. He is active mainly on Twitter and pixiv, and is active as an illustrator from personal illustration production to production requests from corporations. It features an overwhelming high quality character design. A talented illustrator who promises to be active in the future.

Kazuhiro Asaumi


2020 mellow 11 work special award winning. Original style handwriting, graphic artist. He draws works called "Art Brut" and "Outsider Art". No one knows what kind of work will be made until it is finished, and it is attractive that the image that springs up is expressed in his work. Therefore, his unique style of painting is completely different from other artists, and a unique work is created. He started production in 2000 and has been producing for over 20 years. He created works in various ways, and nowadays he often draws works of people and animals. He draws line drawings with ballpoint pens and brush pens, and his work colors them with paint tools. He is a genius artist with infinite talent and potential.


P e r k s

Iori Kikuchi

Rindo Karasuba



Kazuhiro Asaumi

H o w T o G e t

NFT perks distribution

NFT perks will be distributed on the NFT issuing platform "PoolPerks.io" for SPO by Andrew Westberg (BCSH / CNCLI developer).

When you send 3ADA, "NFT privilege + 1.5ADA" will be sent back. * 1.5 ADA will be consumed (Click here if you want to know more)

You can only receive NFT perks once per epoch. One will be issued at random based on the probability set from the five types.

▼Event dates
1st period(e297-e302)
2nd period(undecided)
3rd period(undecided)

▼Receiving period simplified chart| 1st period(e297-e302)


Participation conditions

  1. 1ADA or more, delegated to ZPNG1
  2. Since before 4 epochs, at least 2 epochs have been delegated to ZPNG1
  3. Your wallet has a balance of 3ADA + remittance fee

Receiving method

  1. Access「PoolPerks.io」and click "Get Perk!" From the TOP page.
  2. Enter the wallet address you are delegating to ZPNG1 and click Submit. *Receiving address (e.g. addr1...)
  3. Send 3ADA from the delegating wallet to the ADA address displayed on the screen.
  4. After a few minutes of sending, confirm that you have received 1.5 ADA.
  5. Paste the delegating wallet address into「pool.pm」's search window.
  6. Confirm that you have received a NFT perk.


The "ownership" of the NFT perks you receive will be transferred to you. Therefore, it can be used personally, at home, or within a limited range equivalent to this. In other words, it's okay to list the NFT perks you receive on CNFT.io or Tokhun.io, give them as gifts to your friends, or print them out on your home printer and decorate your room. However, it cannot be used for acts that damage the artist's honor, for commercial use, or even for free, for anyone other than the owner. Normally, the "copyright" of the work is the artist, but for this work, the "copyright" is transferred to ZPNG with the consent of the artist. We ask for your understanding of the above, and for your cooperation in contributing to the "Japanese artists" and the "Cardano NFT market" and for continuing this project in the future.

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