Three important announcement

  1. New "ZPNG2" opened (margin 0% campaign start)
  2. "ZPNG1" margin 0% Campaign end
  3. "ZPNG1" NFT artist project the second !!

1.New "ZPNG2" opened (margin 0% campaign start)

▶︎A new pool "ZPNG2" has been opened. ZPNG2 will start margin 0% campaign.

Looking ahead to the change in saturation point (change to K = 1000) in the near future, we believe that it is desirable to maintain the live stake in the 3M-33M range for stable reward.

In addition, the stake pool operator performs server maintenance at the timing when block generation is not performed, and overcrowding of the block generation schedule poses a risk of failure.

So far we have never failed to make a block. (Missed block = 0) This is because we constantly monitor the operating status, verify and maintain it.

The operation system and specifications of ZPNG2 are exactly the same as ZPNG1. An environment with having a margin for everything is important for providing high-quality services.

We would appreciate it if you could support ZPNG2 in the future too.

Ticker ZPNG2
Pool Name Zipang Stake Pool 2
Pool ID dd777ca105...40bf68cc71
Epoch Fee 340
Variable Fee 0.00%
Pledge 1K

2."ZPNG1" margin 0% Campaign end

▶︎The margin "0% campaign" that we have been conducting since the start of pool operation will end with epoch302.

We would like to thank all the delegators for their support from the beginning of the operation and for the entire team. I sincerely thank you.

Please confirm that the variable fee after the change will be as follows.

variable fee: 0.00%
(about 5.438% / year)
variable fee: 3.00%
(about 5.275% / year)

The impact of the variable fee change on compensation is expected to be around 0.163% per year.

Please refer to this forum for detailed calculations such as fixed costs and variable costs.(


Regarding the usage of the variable fee,

  • Enhancing server monitoring
  • Strengthening personnel
  • Project for delegators
  • We will utilize it so that we can grow into a pool that is safer, more secure and more attractive.

    We would be grateful if you could continue to support ZPNG1.

    3."ZPNG1" NFT artist project the second!!

    ▶︎The second NFT artist project will start from epoch304. * ZPNG2 delegators are not eligible

    Participation conditions and receiving method are the same as the first project. Details such as participating artists and the release of the promotion site will be announced later.

    Project Delegator limited NFT perks distribution 2nd
    Event dates epoch304(2021/11/22-26) ~ epoch309(2021/12/17-21)
    Participation conditions/Receiving method same as the first
    Artist Will be announced at a later date